Jason (jcreed) wrote,


I wonder what it would look like if you
poured liquid nitrogen into liquid water.

Need to remember to confirm waitlist slots as soon
as I can.

Some coffee hacking. Changes: can shoot little green rectangular
bullets, space station orbiting around the star, collisions of
anything with the star causes instant annihilation. Made the
design sort of object oriented, but not at all cleanly.

Stuff to add: kickback from bullets, bullet-ship/station collision
detection, station shoots back, shields of some sort, timer,
enemy ships, friendly station, star goes nova if you shoot it
too many times, better (povray?) graphics...

Well, it notices if bullets hit something now.

Damn, The Shawshank Redemption is a good movie.
I had seen the first half or so, before. Saw the whole
thing for the first time just now. I wonder, did Andy
plant the note and money *after* he got out, or arrange
for it before? In the former case, was he sure he was
going to get out before Red? I suppose that would
make sense... since his mention of it was the night
before the break, at which point he apparently
had committed himself to it.

Heh, freshmeat corrected my entry without me touching
a thing. Score one for them.

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