Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Hum! What is this strange, eggy flavor? Why, it's egg! On my fucking face. All over. Arg.

I was sent instructions back in November to resubmit the LFM paper for further revision (the people in charge of the workshop, i.e. Carsten, decided to put off the detailed review and revision process until after the conference) and somehow I don't remember anything about it. I got the "Hey, you, send me your paper asafp" email from Carsten yesterday and I was all, like, man, why is he so suddenly impatient, this is the first I've heard about this since (sorting inbox by sender and then date, thinking the answer is going to be "june") OH SHIT.

Anyway, I uploaded it now. Hopefully they won't have me put in stocks in the public square or anything. I feel so stupid, though. Did I not see the email at all in the first place, somehow, buried under the daily pile of LJ-generated emails and spam? Did I think, "oh, I'll do this tomorrow" and completely forget about it thereafter? It could have gone either way, but I have absolutely no memory of it.

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