Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Oh, and a couple of things that occurred in the last couple days that somehow escaped my notice:
I had the honor in contributing to the production (four consecutive productions, to be precise) of Psyfe's play by sitting behind a keyboard, looking squinty and curmudgeonly under a beret, and occasionally playing a dissonant chord. I think the play was some sort of promotional event for the KGB during the winter activities fair, but I try to refrain from asking too many questions when it comes to KGB.

I finished reading "Baudolino". Kind of trippy, but a good read. Kind of like what you'd get if Rudyard Kipling decided to write Just-So stories about medieval theology, but with the blend of obsession with secret societies and mythology and liars-lying-lies-until-they're-true that you can only get from Eco.

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