Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Fun time at D's tonight. New faces included William Lovas (cs grad) and Josh [last name unknown] (Donna's new boy, law student). Conversation covered category theory, the death penalty in texas, linguistic prescriptivism vis-a-vis first-person gender-neutral pronouns, girls, computational complexity of the human brain, beer, and why the waitstaff wrote "where's waldo" on my check before learning my name. (answer: they tend to do that do anyone with glasses. I thought I rather looked the part, though! I just need the stripey hat and jacket.) Good times.

Earlier today talked with Rajesh about proof objects for partial traces of failed proof attempts in logic programs. He asked me to dig up some bibliographical stuff on the topic --- I'm not so sure I'm so much better prepared to do that than him, but whatever. I'll try my best.

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