Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Bit of a hassle trying to get cancelled checks from National City to prove to PNC that yes, I actually wrote a check to my housemate, and no, it is not okay to deduct $523 from my account and not credit the same to his. I ordered a copy last friday, and although it may be in the bank right now, the only way it can be is if it is in the locked desk of the exact woman I talked to on friday who ordered it on my behalf. Did I mention she's not at work today, because she's in court? And PNC wnats to get this check mailed to them by friday, or else Ryan has to resubmit whatever paperwork he already submitted?

Oh, but National City made their online banking free since last time I checked, at which point I'm pretty sure you had to pay some exorbitant monthly fee. Awesome, I can just print out any cancelled check I want... as long as it cleared after I enrolled in the online banking program. Which occurred just about five minutes ago.


On the ambifortunate side, class was cancelled today since the prof has the flu. I was kind of looking forward to going, but hey, an hour and a half more time to get real work done.

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