Jason (jcreed) wrote,

In the absence of livejournal, today was full of delightful socialization.

Hung out with martinivixen at Kiva Han and drank delicious tea and chatted for quite a while. I can't remember much about what, but it was good times.

Later went to a party at mike beattie's, got to see monitress since she popped up to pittsburgh from dc, got to see madmadammim for the first time since break, and also got some quality chat time in with the adorable jen gibson, whom I don't know very well, but who may supply me with more french cinematic goodness.

And, of course, font stuff.
I really like tom7's new "Hockey is Lif", so I decided to run the Evanston exercise in reverse on it. Evanston was supposed to be Chicago "warmed up", where high temperature is some metaphorical notion in my head of looser, freer curves, less geometry, more entropy and noise. So I looked at "Hockey is Lif" and, being as it's very "hot" to start with, (though maybe not nearly as much as some of tom's other work) tried to imagine a "cooled down" version, more straitjacketed into exactly equal widths and rectangles and so on, but somehow retaining a little of the general shapes of the letters that I like so much. I only got as far as 7 letters in a little bit of sketching this afternoon, but I'm kind of happy at what came out.


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