Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Feeling less sick now, appetite back to normal, which is not to say I'm gorging myself, but food doesn't seem wholly disgusting anymore.

Narrowing my focus to just the "a" in mendota, studying my own handwriting a bit for ideas.

The boxed ones are the ones closest to what I'm aiming for.

So I dove back into FontForge, and started sketching some splines freehand, got some good results by the, uh, 11th try or so.

(1) is a tolerable monoline. I like the thorny thing in the bottom right of (3) and (4). In (6) I got pissed off at the curve points not doing what I wanted and corner-pointed the whole damn thing. Surprisingly, it had the kernel of something nice in it. (7) was an alternate weight scheme, and looks like crap, I think. (8) is just a smoothing-out of (6). Both (9) and (10) achieve something I like again in the lower right corner, but different from (3) and (4). I sort of lost the nice shape of that little strip of whitespace in (11), but pushing the bowl down on the left side was a revelation: the counter between the bowl and the ear looks so much better bigger like that.

Hmm. I do have enough scanned material now, though, that I could try making a straightforward autotraced handwriting face. Got it in illustrator splines, but it would take getting off my ass a bit to turn it into an actual font.

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