Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Hung out at Donna's apartment for a while with some other folk in celebration of her 20th (± 103) birthday. It was fun. We talked about ear-vagina sex, and why mormons believe weird things.

Now I'm listening to Jazz Mandolin Project's eponymous album, which I have not listened to substantially since the summer of 1999. Really weird flashbacks going on now. Perl. Crawling all over me. Gettitoff! Gettitoff! No, not really that vivid. But still. I listened to this CD a lot while debugging horrible perl and C code and drinking a lot of free dotcom startup soda and eating a lot of free dotcom startup nutra-grain bars. Fucked me up, I tell ya. But I mean to lend it to haydensphere tomorrow, so I figure the best way not to forget to bring it to campus before I leave town is to put it in my laptop.

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    Guy from Seattle team we've been working with showed up today at work; no matter how much I'm generally comfortable working with remote teams (and I…

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    Sean's back in town --- good fun working with nonremote teammates.

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    Sean's in town at work, good times.

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