Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Sat by while the poor 312 students suffered through the 312 exam. It was pretty tough, but I think they did okay. We'll find out more exactly tomorrow morning when we grade it.

So, at least up to a first cut, all the capitals are done. Least satisfying: H, I, J, V, W. U's not so incredible, but I could leave it as it is and still be able to sleep at night. The Z is weirdish, especially in the lower left. I can't quite stop fiddling with the S, since it's all curve, and I find curves the hardest to get looking right, but I'm actually pretty happy with it, relative to the models I've been deriving it from. Not pictured are numerals, which are coming along.

The T, I like. Deriving the Y from the A (and the G's tail) worked better than I expected. Looking back at previously-done letters, I'm still very happy with the C and related glyphs. The Q also is a place where I really got to fight with whitespace to get just the right suggestion of a shape without saying it too loudly.

The I and the J are too flimsy, still and the P and R are a little too dense. I may need to pull them up from below the baseline, but that will probably mean eliminating, or at least reducing, the ornamentation going on inside the bowl. The H just... doesn't say H to me. The S somehow I can forgive for being a weird, foreign sort of S that I'm not used to seeing. It's a nice, confident, something, which I can accept by suspension of disbelief as standing for the same thing as a roman S. Same with the (very U-ish to my roman-trained eye) A. The H, on the other hand, is little more than a D that broke its back falling down the stairs or something.

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