Jason (jcreed) wrote,

More last-minute fiddling with the writeup for the Machine Learning project.

Took the final exam for same. Only used an hour and a half, although I had to leave one question blank because I had no idea. I think I did okay on the exam overall.

This is an idea I had in the shower this morning, though it wouldn't surprise me if it's already been thought of a thousand times. Haven't got it out of Illustrator and into a TTF yet, but the idea is the first half of the lowercase alphabet is eyes, second half is mouths, and capital letters are, well, capital letters. So it's like, mister potato head with letters. Mister font head.

More majuscules. I am vastly happier with this new L. I knew I wanted something double-struck in, but I wasted a lot of time trying to find a solution for doubling the arm rather than the stem.

Now I'm up to S. Damn you, S!


Man, something's fucked up with both Fontographer's and FontForge's EPS import. If two curves come really close to one another, sometimes they snap together after import. I'm gonna have to dig out the source to FontForge and see if I can fix it.

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