Jason (jcreed) wrote,

This is quite possibly the most disturbing video of a girl growling at a blender I have seen all day.

In other news, tomorrow is my two-month guitarriversary. Progress has been much less noticeable this month than the first. I'm getting better at scales, though. I can whip through two octaves of C ionian and I can at least remember where everything goes in E ionian and dorian most of the time. Descending chromatic scales are still really thwarting me, but ascending is getting up to an okay tempo. Barre chords still need a lot of work as to speed, but that's actually a problem with my ring finger and pinky being really slow-response: my index finger is actually strong enough to hold the bar pretty well except on the first fret some times.

My right hand is settling into a slightly more efficient picking position before, where my fingers are actually more perpendicular to the strings, pushing me out along the volume/accuracy envelope. (i.e., in the short run there is a tradeoff between playing notes loud at a fixed tempo and not striking the wrong string: in the long run I'm getting better at playing the correct note, and playing it assertively) The thing is I need more fingerpicking material to practice on: most of my current rotating stock of stuff to play is purely chordal. It's just "blackbird" and a little C-G/B-Am-G/B-C loop I came up with that have any right-hand work.

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