Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Kind of spazzing out tonight, having weird spurts of being able to focus, and, well, not.
In one of the can-focus intervals, I was dicking around in illustrator in the Baker cluster where the scanner is, thinking, huh, it would be nice to put the chapter headings in a custom font when I get around to editing and typesetting the NaNoWriMo thing. (probably I'm gonna do it over christmas break) Doodled some letters onto a cover sheet I snatched out of the recycle bin, scanned it in, traced it in photoshop, balanced out the thickness of the stems a bit, and tossed some other garbage around it. Going for a sans-serif all chunkity-blockity style, with that extra little touch of hand-made out-of-whackness in the grand tradition of typographical heroes of mine such as tom7 and budai.

For some reason "[Arr, I don't know but] It's Drivin' Me Nuts", the punchline to a classic pirate joke, was the first phrase that popped into my head after "quick brown fox...". I figure I'll call it that if I ever get around to actually fontographering it.

I'm very happy with the uppercase J and Q, satisfied with the K, not completely offended by the S. Man, when that guy that designed Verdana came to talk, he said S is the hardest letter. Knuth always said S is the hardest letter. It's not common knowledge without there being a reason. It just never looks quite right. Anyway. The R... it's a little too wimpy, but it's got that nice ligature thing going on with the swash. I'll have to be very careful with the vertical position of other letters I want it to ligate with if I go down that road.

Lowercase letters: bleah, mostly. The g is contentedly pretentious, but it doesn't really stand out here. The y has got a nice lean to it. The z, ok, I am actually happy with that. The k's okay. The q, I tried adding an 'evil' crossbar, a la the handwriting of 'evil pat' that works (used to work?) in the same hallway as lincoln3. It looks... weird. The s turned out pretty non-sideshow-freakshow here too. The x, on the other hand, ugh. I wanted to do a curvy x, but it didn't really weather the translation from hand-drawn to illustrator-traced very well. The o is slightly the wrong size, but I didn't have the patience to get it right.

I need to find something to use this color scheme for, though. I like it. It's like... orange juice in winter.

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