Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Saw the Incredibles. rjmccall came along. Haven't seen much of him around since he graduated, so it was good to chat a bit. Anyway, the movie: Terrific animation, hilarious characters, great nudge-nudge-wink-wink cliche-bending writing. Definitely up there with Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo.

And, oh, shit, I forgot an appointment I had with a student, whose name I forgot. I'll catch him during lecture tomorrow, but I feel pretty bad doing that. On the positive side of my karma balance I did have office hours on thanksgiving day itself, and someone even came.

Also I think I saw ancilla in wean the other day. Not that I know who she is, but she keeps showing up on friendsfriends. So, could be someone just vaguely similar looking. Still. Hint: do not get a paid account. Do not read friendsfriends. Do not inject opiates into your arm. Oh, wait, I don't do that last thing. So I'm safe. Aha. Ahaha.

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    Didn't sleep well. Long day of work. Dinner with akiva at hanamichi.

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    K was going to do a thing for her dad's birthday, but scheduling kept slipping and slipping so I guess we're going to try doing it tomorrow instead.

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    Had a pleasant lunch with paul and gabe back from working-at-facebook times. Discussed the important issues of the day, by which I mean video games…

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