Jason (jcreed) wrote,

An old anti-communist (from apparently a rather catholic standpoint) comic book from the 1960s. BoingBoing calls it "funny". Myself I find it kind of terrifying from both ends, of what it's arguing against, and how it's arguing it.

More random bits:

Here the italics represent gritted teeth and a slowly shaking fist, and the kind of voice you make through gritted teeth slowly shaking your fist. Erik. Demaine. I don't have anything against the guy, it's just tradition. Actually there's some neat other furniture in that exhibit, although so much of it's made out of dismantled or otherwise mutilated books, so I have kind of mixed feelings. The rocking chair made out of old student directories is cool, since I imagine those would be tossed out anyway.

Some textbook disclaimer stickers, one real, the rest parody. The thing that kind of bothers me is that the strict wording of the real sticker isn't that objectionable. Evolution is a theory, and it's not a fact, and there's every reason to understand the hell out of it and not necessarily believe it just because it's written down in books. If we can encourage kids to be briliant and overturn existing paradigms by brilliantly coming up with better theories that are even better supported by repeatable experiment, I'm all for it. It's just I don't think that's the agenda behind inserting those stickers of course. The parodies are kind of funny anyway.

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