Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I was reading friendsfriends, and came across this post by offred01:
It seems so cruel to kill someone, even if they have killed besides which the state is mandating murder, which is ironic since we're supposed to be punishing murder from happening.
I can't seem to find any google search-frame (I tried things like "punishing * from happening" and "punishing * from occurring") that reveals any other instances of this peculiar semantics for "punishing". Syntactically it seems that it takes an adjunct (assuming I've got my terminology straight) with the preposition "from", meaning somehow "prevent from occurring, through punishment".


In other friendsfriends news, this user's name and journal "title" and "subtitle" would, as phrases, function great subtle hints that a person is single. Except in this case the theory seems not-to-likely that that's the intent, since they're respectively somewhat permanent and infrequently changed. Hint for those playing at home: Björk song.

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