Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Toy EML implementation for 312 students: finished
Machine Learning Homework: Got started on it, and have 2 lovely graphs showing how a momentum term improves gradient descent (not that this is new information, but it makes for a nice homework question)
Most recent Album-A-Day: Actually stands up to repeated listening pretty well. At least I still like listening to it.
Research: Still kinda stalled, but at least not stuck.
Guitar: Still slowly improving.
Piano: Had a good day of it today on "Take Five", "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "High and Dry"
Wooing Cognitive Psychologists with songs about Framing Effects of Grammatical Gender, performed sub-Balcony Window on the Lute: has not actually, nor will probably ever, make a departure on its journey toward the World of Reality. But a man's gotta dream.

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