Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So I meant to be in my office at 6pm to help out Josh Halipern, one of my 312 students, with the assignment. I was fiddling around with the guitar out in the wean 3rd floor minilounge and I was absent-minded enough to forget to go back to the office on time. Since I was right next to the staircase, though, Josh, having just been to my office and found me not there, found me anyway. And it turns out he actually plays guitar, so he was able to give me a few nuggets of guitar advice, and I was able to help him with 312. A fine exchange for all involved!

So my new favorite chord progression for the moment, thanks to Josh, is | E | F#11 | Aadd9 | E | with F#11 being 044300 and Aadd9 being 077600. So easy to play! And it sounds very much like the verse of the Beatles' "You Won't See Me" except in E instead of A.

Also good: G | Aadd9 | Dmaj7 | Em |

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