Jason (jcreed) wrote,

It was a month ago yesterday that I bought a guitar. At the time, I knew like eight chords and my melody-playing ability was limited to "ode to joy". Now I can actually pull off a passable go-through of "blackbird", I can kind of play the bassline to "day tripper", I can nail the easier of the barre chords (Gm and Cm are pretty solid) and I have nice little stock of new and crazy chords that I might not have ever found on the piano, which flow into one another very nicely on the fretboard. Still plenty of issues with getting from one chord to another arbitrary chord fast enough to play songs, but it's getting steadily better. All in all, I'm extremely happy with my purchase, and with my progress. A reasonably well-crafted instrument plus a half-hour of noodling around every day makes me a happy learner.

strumming rhythm is something like 
| x x/2 x x/2 x/2 x/2 | x x x2 |
but really I think I insert more strums than that: those are
just the accented ones.

| Em    Esus   | Bm7add4    Em    |
| Em    Esus   | Bm7add4    Em    |
| Em    Esus   | Bm7add4    Em    |
| Em    Esus   | Bm7add4    Em    |
| Amaj7 Dmadd9 | Em   Esus4 Em Em |
| Amaj7 Dmadd9 | Em   Esus4 Em Em |
| Amaj7 Dmadd9 | Em   Esus4 Em Em |
| B7    C7maj7 | Em               |

Em         022000
Esus       002200
Bm7add4    220200
Amaj7      x02120
Dmadd9     x03230
B7         x21202
C7maj7     x32303

I have no idea of C7maj7 is the right symbol for that C-E-Bb-B-G monstrosity --- I'm thinking, well, it's a C7 with also a maj7 on it, so that's what I wrote --- but I like the sound of it. 

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