Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Puzzle royale!. We are team "eating buildings". We've been in 1st place now and then. We may win!


Nope, didn't win. Placed 5th overall, 3rd for CMU. I got a copy of MS Office. "We" is adam, tom7, and william lovas. A lot of good teamwork this time around. Lots of fun puzzles. I didn't really like the meta-puzzle so much this time. The layout-on-the-roulette-table thing didn't feel rigid --- in, assuming I'm using it correctly, the terminology of tom7's escape rating system. I'm having doubts already, though, if that's the right word, since there really was definitely just one right ansewr. Maybe it was just hard because it was underconstrained. Anyway. Nothing has beat the satisfaction of getting a keyword like "sample", having to go to a url ending with "elpmas.wav", playing the wav file, thinking to play the weird-sounding wav file backwards, and getting a spoken hint. Now that's the way to run a meta-puzzle. It was unfortunate that the answer to that metapuzzle (from puzzlestorm a couple years ago) was botched by writing something incorrectly in a nearly invisible dark corner of an elevator, but it had such a good start.

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