Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Oh man. Consider my pants thoroughly (but I assure you only metaphorically) shitted at this point. Not only does Bush seem ahead, but it's by that annoying razor-thin margin that we all feared. Back in 2000 I was able to convince myself that "close election" = "populace could go either way, you know? and so not really such a disaster one way or the other" but clearly that is not the case now. Many people on both sides, and around the world have a deep and passionate interest in this election, and yet somehow we came out, as a nation, nearly even. This bothers me a lot. For even granting the unpleasant assumption that America is somehow split into two irreconcilable nations-of-opinion, the blue folks and the red, what are the odds that they should come out so evenly balanced?

It's not that we don't care, it's that we don't know. How are we supposed to know? How am I to know whether my ignorance of the subtleties of say, domestic economic issues, caused me to vote totally the wrong way if I wanted to vote in my own best interest? How do I know whether Bush is really playing a smart man off with a friendly country-boy act, totally turning me off but winning more votes than he loses? What the fuck is going on, Democracy? It makes me wonder why all elections in the history of ever haven't been acrimonious, litigious nail-biters. How did we get it to work when it felt like it was working? I feel like I have no sense of history, having never paid much attention to the process before.


I realize in my 5am haze (which is apparently a smidgen sharper than my 3am haze, since I'm only making wild assertions about the world and not asking out girls) that maybe I should say "I" rather than "We" above.

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