Jason (jcreed) wrote,

God dammit. I'm tying to work out a way of playing G blues that's actually (a) playable by me with my vigorous and intense n00bosity and (b) satisfying, i.e. as few wimpy four-string chords as posisble, partly as an exercise in memorizing where various notes are on the fretboard. So far I've got
| G7 | C7   | G7 | D7 Gm7 |
| C7 | C7b9 | G7 | E7     |
| A7 | D7#9 | G7 | D7     |


G7    = 323003
C7    = x32310
D7    = xx0212 (regrettably)
Gm7   = 353333
C7b9  = x32320
E7    = 020100
A7    = 002020
D7b13 = 557576

only trouble is that I am in love with the D7b13 and I can barely actually finger it.

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