Jason (jcreed) wrote,

More adventures in guitar serendipity: x21202 is a nice B7, and 002200 is an easy Esus. The B7 means I can now sort of play "Big Yellow Taxi" in the right key if not with exactly the right chords. The Esus means I can play this little E-Esus-E-Esus-E-Am-E-E progression that popped into my head. I find myself humming something like a E3/2 E3/2 F# | F#3/2 E3/2 F# | G#4 | A3/2 G#3/2 F# | E4 | A3/2 G#3/2 F# | E4 | melody over it.

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    Played some more Shenzhen I/O. The later puzzles are getting straight up hard. Had some fun optimizing the earlier ones, though.

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