Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Today zipped by. Forgot one meeting, then another, but went to the second after being reminded, went to a third that I actually remembered, ate dinner, noodled on the guitar for an hour.

The latest revelation being that somehow I am temporarily less able to play full barre chords than before, but I can make do with a x33211 F chord, so's I can at least play "House of the rising sun" and "You've got to hide your love away": "I've just seen a face", which has been running through my head non-stop since haydensphere shared it last night, still defeats me with its F#m, for which I really want to play a proper 244222, but I'm not really up to it. I tried "In my life", too, but it's got an F#m as well, along with its buddies Bm and B7. Oh, my poor, poor left index finger. Have been working on power chords on the low strings. Them I can definitely play, but I can't get my fingers in to place very fast. Nonetheless I can pull off Cake's intro run-through of the chords to "I will survive" (as A5-D5-G5-C5-F5-B5-E-E7) given enough time. "Hotel California" rounds out the list of songs with manageable chord progressions that I'm practicing on. It I like for the Dm-E transition. The density of F chords is still a little tough to get through, but it's good exercise. Finally, I'm still chipping away at "Blackbird": one time in ten or so I can get through "take these broken wings and learn to fly" without a hitch, at approximately recorded tempo. The strongest part of the song right now for me is the turnaround C-Cm-G-A7-Am7-G where the lyrics go "all your life / you were only waiting for this moment to arise".

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