Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Spent most of the day in the cluster helping people with 312. Like, 6 hours in the cluster. The smell, to which I was no doubt contributing, was starting to get to me. Now I'm at a little show at the Underground. One guy on drums and another guy with this crazy 8-string guitar with different string lengths so the frets are at different angles. Both the musicians are pretty freaking awesome. Very jazzish music: one song taunted me by coming very close to being blues form.


Later in the set they played "Summertime", "St. Thomas", and "Let it Be", all in a row, three songs that are all definitely up there among my all-time favorites, with fiery-hot improvisation on all three.

Me, I'm still working on being able to get all the way through "Blackbird" and simple chord-strummers like "I Will Survive" and "Hotel California" without pausing two seconds between every chord change.

Gotta keep dreaming, though. Having at least had one other instrument I'm confident I can rock out on helps me through the frustration of plunking away against tired fingers and the wretched beginnerdom that necessarily faces learning a new one. I already know viscerally that weeks and months and years of practice can transform "physically impossible" to "trivial". Already after a weekish of practicing it over and over again, I have a fifty percent chance of actually landing the sudden jump up to around the 12th fret at "...the dead of night..." in "Blackbird", and it's that kind of muscle-memorizing-spatial-relationships thing that's so useful to have when trying to play fast, and so immensely satisfying to me to feel in and of itself, that my fingers just know where things are supposed to be.

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