Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I'm a bit surprised that John Stewart is getting so warmly praised for appearing on Crossfire and insulting the hosts. I watched the segment and I didn't think he did so particularly forcefully or eloquently or anything. Maybe I'd have to have seen a lot of Crossfire, which I haven't, to know what they're supposed to be doing wrong. Stewart didn't seem to have time to say what it was that was bad --- he called it "theater" and "partisan hackery" and compared it to professional wrestling, but I don't understand what that's supposed to mean concretely. I didn't like his defense against the crossfire-host's accusation that the Daily Show wasn't any better as a news show: Stewart basically rebutted, no shit, it's not a news show, it's a comedy show, as if that deflected all criticism of anything he said. I mean, yes, it is a comedy show, but it got where it is by being smart, and about current events, and good. I think he's in the arena enough that if he's going to talk about what's right for Crossfire, he should be willing to discuss what's right for the Daily Show, even if they aren't exactly the same kind of show.
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