Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Burning the midnight oil here again. This time writing an assignment for 312. I think I may have made it a little bit hard in an effort to cram in all the cute stuff I happen to know about and be fond of when it comes to whack-ass encodings of one sort of thingy in another type theory thingy.

I went and saw Arcadia tonight with cdinwood, after a fiascoette yesterday when we both thought we were going to see Arcadia and then at the very last minute found out the tickets were for today instead. A fine play full of Stoppard at his... Stoppardest. Kathleen Mandeville, an acquaintance from all the way back in Madison (actually she was my little sister's good friend for a while when they were in high school I think) was playing Thomasina, a fact which caught me by surprise. Funny how kids grow up and, you know, become really hot.

BUT ANYWAY. Tracing things farther back in time today, chatted with Xuejing about the machine learning homework, and so after comparing notes with her a bit (and also with Andreas a couple times) I feel reasonably confident I'm mostly all squared away on that count.

There was a recitation this morning and a review session this evening. While some people are definitely understanding things pretty well, I was unsettled by the number of questions that seemed kind of basic, as if these might be people who saw fit to skip lectures.

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