Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Interesting debate goin' on.

Bush says Missourah, Kerry says Missouri. I think that's good tactics for Bush.
Bush talks all over the moderator --- this may come off good or bad. Taking charge? Not playing by the rules? Could go either way.
Kerry keeps talking about how he's "working for you". Kind of overtly populist-sounding. I'm not sure how people'll take that.
Bush talks about "being on the offensive" and "whole new world since 9/11". Nothing new there.
Bush invokes current world leaders, Kerry big-name former US presidents. Both mentioned Reagan. Somehow I feel more stirred by former US presidents. Something about a decade or three of dust settling on a name to give it a certain oomph.

Seems a little bit more energetic --- even angry --- than last debate. A lot of bolder assertions of factual correctness.

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