Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Time to build up calluses and mondo finger strength:
I went down to Monroeville and dropped $300 on this little number. I tried to go for something that isn't a cheapie-o kiddie guitar without bumping into the really expensive range. My repertoire from seventh-grade Mel Bay "U 2 can learn teh guitar it is so EZ!!!" style is still there in my fingers and in my brain. It consists of, like, the following chords: G, C, Am, Em, A, E, D7, D. And I know what I'm supposed to do to get an F, but good lord my index finger isn't up to that yet.

So... hopefully I'll be playin' "classical gas" and "more than words" and "stairway to heaven", oh, let's say, this time next week and positively raking the groupies. I am pretty sure I will need a special "hefty-size" rake. But on the off chance that you find me still plucking slowly and painfully away at "ode to joy" by that time, or for that matter, months from now, know that I'm trying.

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