Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I think the greedy algorithmic way I'm doing things heavily biases it in favor of monosyllable rhymes, but oh well.

Bleak choose pay give woodard clam
Bleak ash stupor valve wry throne
Lee pique julie samba ham
Brusque transmitter tor bayonne

Richards turn squawk womb maze throne
Copy native flounce ask punt
Poet hotbed crosstalk sewn
Hiatt kid bruise dross badge bunt

Neural kittle tat thine bald
Grammar sharp tech plus jar tea
Wry dream sportsmen granville hauled
Smart dominion hubbard pea

Chad pearce wingman lighthouse droop
Millie roomful nil greg wing
Schafer charlie moscow coupe
Choppy chartres claude pick ping

Dailey staten trill rout sting
Bismuth brothel boxcar will
Northern cain upholster wring
Smallish crow mole quay dredge rill

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