Jason (jcreed) wrote,

An amusing OED citation of "The New Hacker's Dictionary".

Nonce, n.

III b. General attrib. or as adj. Designating a lexical item formed for use on a specific occasion.

1913 N.E.D. s.v. Too adv. 6 a, Forming a (nonce) sb. phr. 1972 O.E.D. Suppl. s.v. bachelorize v. 2, The 1854 example is a nonce U.K. use. 1986 O.E.D. Suppl. s.v. Whitmanesque a., So (mostly somewhat nonce) Whitmanese [etc.]. 1993 E. RAYMOND New Hacker's Dict. (ed. 2) 76 The bogon has become the type case for a whole bestiary of nonce particle names. 1994 N.Y. Rev. Bks. 11 Aug. 5/1 Yet here the editors must have had difficulty at times deciding which words were merely ‘nonce figuration’, to be excluded from the dictionary.

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