Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Oh man, McDonald's and wireless internet in the library. Screw you nay-sayers, thou denouncers of global monoculture! I like being able to feel at home even in for'n parts. And all the girls here are pretty hot.

Anyway, got a few hours of work done discussing with Brigitte. I think we both understand each other's work considerably better.

This morning listening to la kvin idojn de suzanne talking and laughing and crying in french and being all maman, je suis malaaaaade! was just too cute. I don't know what it is about little kids speaking foreign languages. I risk wanting to just find some nice girl from Ottowa and have like 500 preciously bilingual babies and sit on the couch and eat my poutine and watch hockey. Although the whole freezing-my-ass-off-in-the-winter thing isn't appealing.

Also I'd like to recommend Poncho and Spooch's Big Album o' Fun, by two kids apparently calling themselves Poncho and Spooch, a fun and surprisingly listenable AAD of white-boy rap. And I don't even like eminem!

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