Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Here's a sketch of a game that occurred to me walking around Oakland this evening. I think it would work best with around 6 or 8 people - it would have to be an even number anyway.

The idea is the progressive determination of the meaning of some new concept, call it "opulmochrous" or some such made-up word. Maybe the first player would get to invent the word. On a player's turn - call that one the proposer - the proposer thinks of two noun phrases X and Y (made of ordinary words!) and asks everyone "which is more opulmochrous, X or Y?" and they all write their answers on slips of paper independently, and so does the proposer. If a majority of the rest of the players agree with the proposer, then the proposer scores a point or something. If this were being kept track of electronically, then maybe you could implement tediously checked rules like: if one player's opinions become inconsistent (i.e. don't enjoy antisymmetry and transitivity) then they are eliminated (but this requires some tiebreaking choice to be made when there are an even number of nonproposer players) or if one round results in the global opinions (i.e. those affirmed by majority vote) becoming inconsistent, then the proposer of that round wins.

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