Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Listening to Air's "Moon Safari", because I heard one or two tracks of it at Kiva Han the other day. I'm a little disappointed that my favorite song on it - which I think is "La Femme D'Argent", because the mp3s I have seem to have swapped it and "Sexy Boy" - is the one I already heard. Still, it's a great, great instrumental tune. It's got a dead simple but brain-lovin' bass groove, but the real attraction for me personally is the improvised-sounding electric organ shit with these deliciously aggressive minor seconds all over the place, like the song is making out with me and at the same time digging its fingernails into the back of my head. You only hurt me because you love me, baby, doncha? Yeah. I thought so.

In work news, I found a bug in the typechecker that was... actually a bug in the test suite. Whoops. I've made that mistake before! (in the ICFP programming contest, although in that case it was kind of surprising that the program was just completely correct after the first compilation)

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