Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had lunch with tom7 and rob. I think this all-the-logical-connectives idea that tom7 was talking to me about might actually work.

Adam pointed me to this funny analysis of the Pioneer 10 plaque.

Also, some interesting notes gleaned from the process of grading undergraduate history papers. I realize reading them that, though I am a competent writer in some senses, there's still some lesson(s) I never really learned in high school and college about writing good essays, good arguments, good rhetoric. I think I do okay just fakin' it. For the most part the argumentation I have to do for work is formal mathematical argumentation, so that's all right — I know I'm okay at that. Still. You know it when you see it: really sharp, tight, well-crafted knock-down persuasive writing. It's an area I'd like to improve in.

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