Jason (jcreed) wrote,

(18:03:20) jcreedcmu: how's it goin there
(18:03:25) ssaiscps: its a bit hot.
(18:05:47) ssaiscps: it would be fine in here without the laptop. i should place it not on my lap. a stool top for instance would be more comfortable.
(18:08:05) jcreedcmu: size, one foot?
(18:09:08) ssaiscps: more like a foot and a half.
(18:09:26) jcreedcmu: I wish to purchase an "andahalf" stool
(18:10:11) ssaiscps: half price.
(18:10:50) jcreedcmu: Hmm
(18:11:01) jcreedcmu: sounds like a mighty fine deal
(18:11:13) ssaiscps: \depends on which half you get
(18:11:47) jcreedcmu: You half to act now, this deal won't be around for a whole lot longer!
(18:12:16) ssaiscps: the half is covered with fine calf
(18:12:27) jcreedcmu: shapely!
(18:12:53) ssaiscps: the only shapely you can get it in is roundly
(18:13:24) jcreedcmu: Can I order one on behalf of 1/3 party?
(18:14:03) ssaiscps: Before you order, you need to make sure it fifth through your doorway.
(18:15:24) jcreedcmu: Can I return it if it is malformed?
(18:15:50) ssaiscps: I used to allow that, but it eighth up all my profits.
(18:16:30) jcreedcmu: Oh, yeah, I third about that.
(18:17:15) ssaiscps: That twelfth me that you really have a good handle on the stool world.
(18:18:28) jcreedcmu: Yotta stop it with such flattery!
(18:19:55) ssaiscps: that's a whole yotta zeroes.
(18:20:04) jcreedcmu: only two dozen
(18:20:35) ssaiscps: i had trouble with dozen off when they talked about the metric system
(18:20:54) jcreedcmu: Atto teach ya.
(18:21:25) ssaiscps: not much teaching was occuring
(18:21:31) jcreedcmu: http://www.essex1.com/people/speer/large.html
(18:22:31) ssaiscps: are you give me an exameter on this material?
(18:22:58) jcreedcmu: Na, no.
(18:23:27) ssaiscps: good, because that would cause me myria difficulties
(18:24:12) jcreedcmu: tera your hair out, eh?
(18:24:34) ssaiscps: It makes me want to kilo somebody
(18:25:55) jcreedcmu: just make sure it's human, else Peta will come after ya.
(18:26:17) ssaiscps: yeah, i know. they came after me when i mistreated micro.
(18:29:38) ssaiscps: we're scraping the bottom of the metric pun barrel.
(18:29:42) jcreedcmu: yeah
(18:30:00) ssaiscps: maybe we should liter this topic along for now.
(18:30:15) jcreedcmu: But I candela help myself.
(18:31:45) ssaiscps: we've just decimated the possibilites. okay that's not too good.
(18:31:57) jcreedcmu: not half bad
(18:32:08) ssaiscps: heh
(18:32:14) ssaiscps: atto boy!
(18:36:13) jcreedcmu: Are you petanizing me?
(18:36:39) ssaiscps: maybe a zetta bit
(18:36:43) jcreedcmu: it hertz
(18:36:57) jcreedcmu: watt did I ever do to you?
(18:39:29) ssaiscps: you put a newton my head.
(18:39:58) jcreedcmu: You sure hold a grudge furlong time.
(18:41:06) ssaiscps: and you said i had a hogshead
(18:42:43) jcreedcmu: I'm uncomfortable in this hostile atmosphere
(18:43:03) ssaiscps: your mom said i had one astronomical unit.
(18:43:06) jcreedcmu: haha
(18:43:15) jcreedcmu: She did knot!
(18:43:38) jcreedcmu: Yard worst liar ever.
(18:44:02) ssaiscps: I'm the liter in lying.
(18:44:19) jcreedcmu: Bushel make such slanderous speech illegal.
(18:46:08) ssaiscps: he really knows how to hit me where it ounce.
(18:47:32) jcreedcmu: right in the stones, eh?
(18:47:59) jcreedcmu: Joule not cross him again.
(18:49:16) ssaiscps: I still acre.
(18:51:33) ssaiscps: I hate nader suporters who say they candela two parties apart.
(18:53:05) jcreedcmu: they're in League with the bolsheviks
(18:53:23) jcreedcmu: "workers of the world, you have nothing but your decifurlongs to lose!"
(18:55:06) ssaiscps: arr i can't take any more. [...]

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