Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I have been hacking away on a certain twelf encoding (trying to represent and prove strong normalization of the STλC) ever since reading Andreas Abel's paper two days ago, and even more so since hearing his talk yesterday. Nothing like hearing a conjecture that something can't be done to incite me to try to do it.

Had a really tough time sleeping last night due to the guy one room over snoring like a 61C bus struggling up forbes ave towards squirrel hill in a february blizzard. Grrrrrrnk! Pause. Grrrrrrnk? Pause. Grnk Grr.

There was a recent fark photoshop contest themed "what I would do if I had a time machine" or something like that. Most of the entries were pretty silly, but the idea having lodged itself in my suconscious, I started thinking of little things I would have done differently if could go back and whisper instructions in my ear. In morewood, at 4am: stay. At the KGB scavenger hunt: sit silently under the table for a while. At the beeler house: just wait five stupid minutes.

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