Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had dinner at the hotel restaurant where most of the conference attendees (not including me) were staying. Had some parmesan grilled chicken. There was a tremendous amount of melty parmesan on it. Really, really good.

Apparently there is still no wireless to be had, but I have my digital camera to move files around. Thanks, USB hard drive! I can't ssh to CMU from any of the kiosk things even once I install putty, (firewalls at the university, I wonder?) but there's still andrew-webmail. I feel sorry for Frank, who forwards all of his mail to his cs-side account and so has't beek able to check his email at all yet.

The weather is typically constantly switching between rainy and sunny-and-cool, but it's been sunny-and-cool for most of this evening. Tomorrow's my talk. Tonight is for tweaking the slides...

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