Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Wandered around Cork some more, found the free-internet place and the bookstore closed, but subway and an internet cafe were open. All of my charging devices say "100-240V" on them, so maybe it is safe to use merely the pin adapter thing with them all. I've only tried it with my laptop so far.

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    Played some board games at the fb office with newly-arrived-to-nyc dan blandford and some friends-of-friends of his. Codenames and…

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    This morning I suddenly had a memory of a game I used to play in the mid-late 90s over email. In it you "designed" animals by giving them, like, 4…

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    Played some more Shenzhen I/O. The later puzzles are getting straight up hard. Had some fun optimizing the earlier ones, though.

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