Jason (jcreed) wrote,

This is a bit of a fill-in-the-gap entry.

Traveling sucks, and what it sucks is time. Lots of it.

I caught the 28X around 1:30pm, got to the pittsburgh airport at like 3, waited in line to get to the self-serve E-ticket machine, which didn't work, so I watied in another line to talk to a real person, and then went through the secuity line. Now it's 4:30. Wait a half an hour at the gate, board, depart at 6pm, arrive in London Gatwick Airport at (by my body's sense of time) 1:30am. I have to leave from Heathrow at 4:55am. So I panic about, changing $40 into £18.50, £17 of which gets me a bus ticket to heathrow. Bus arrives at about 2:30am, arrives 4:00am. Miraculously the ticket and security and customs and passport control lines are all nearly nil. I'm at the gate fifteen minutes before the absolute last minute after which boarding is disallowed, out of breath, two small meals and an hour of sleep standing between me and my original departure, and Aer Lingus has a mechanical problem which delays everything by two hours. I finally get in to Cork at 9:00am, take another bus ride into the city, and then another 25 minute walk to where I'm staying. Well, more like two hours, because I get totally lost.

But eventually I found it and bumped into a recent CMU graduate who is also giving a talk here --- I knew him from Frank's ATP class --- so we hung out for a while and got some food and chatted.

And they have free internet kiosky things here near the dorms, thank god.

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