Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Magnetic Putty Action Video!. (stolen from some discussion on susancalvin's journal)

Went to Aleks's thesis oral, and Andy Pitt's talk on "fresh names". Had an advisor meeting in the middle of the two, wherein Frank told me about some crazy idea having to do with sticking equational assumptions in an LF context in some way that somehow wasn't supposed to lead to undecidability.

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    Apartment move finally completely done! Lugged air conditioner from old apartment to new, delivered bookshelf I didn't want to akiva, downstairs…

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    Had a good bunch of discussions with Sean and Alyssa at work. Supposed to be stupid hot this weekend when we were planning to do the final cleanup of…

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    Put kitchen table together, got K's desk set up in a useful place for her. Had dinner at a Thai place past the train a ways.

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