Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Have been reading "The Modern Mind", which continues to be pretty brilliant. I kind of gave up on finishing "Marginalia" and "Who needs Greek?", and returned them. Both of them are by solid writers, but the novelty of the actual content of both books kind of wore off after a hundred or two pages.

Have been doing a little side investigation of Max Weber, whom "Modern Mind" may have introduced me to — but I have a hunch I may have heard about him from some episode of James Burke's Connections already. Anyway, I found it sort of interesting that he was completely out of commission for the last three years of the 19th century due to severe depression, maybe due in part to his father's death. Then he blasted back on to the scene with The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, arguably the greatest work of his life, and widely agreed to be a surprising and sudden step up in quality of scholarship and writing compared to his earlier dry treatises on Roman Agrarian this and Medieval Business that.

Watched a half-dozen episodes of Six Feet Under this evening. I am really liking it. Still can't think of Nate as not Sports Night's Casey. "...the house across the street? It's on fire."

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