Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Oh how I want to SLEEP but it's a lovely lively thunderstorm that's keeping me up. Had a dream that I was shrunk down real small and everyone - lots of old lounge-rats, allwein and sheenaqotj at least were there - was telling me stories about all the hard drugs they and their parents did, and told me that I was stuck in the dream unless I took something or other. Very alice-in-wonderland, I thought. In fact at that point the dream flipped into a sort of lucid dream, except that I indeed found it very difficult to wake up, and panicking over that prevented me from getting on with the ahem fun sort of things that lucid dreaming often entails. But I found a mirror in dream-world, and staring into that was jarring enough in some precognitive way that I woke up.

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