Jason (jcreed) wrote,

(17:44:18) TwelfthRootOfTwo: add "onegoodthingrss" to your friends
(17:44:31) jcreedcmu: no thanks
(17:44:47) jcreedcmu: I do not demand aggregation of all things
(17:45:37) TwelfthRootOfTwo: you demand aggregation of all things
(17:45:46) jcreedcmu: I deny it
(17:46:10) TwelfthRootOfTwo: assertion trumps denial
(17:46:17) jcreedcmu: rock crushes scissors
(17:46:39) TwelfthRootOfTwo: lobster sticks to magnet
(17:46:51) jcreedcmu: postmodernism undermines lobster
(17:47:24) TwelfthRootOfTwo: fifth wall decimates neo-agriculture
(17:47:48) jcreedcmu: robots conquer fleshy meat-bags
(17:48:09) TwelfthRootOfTwo: nitrogen renders faces inert
(17:48:44) jcreedcmu: fertilizer innovations rejuvenate gentleman farmers
(17:49:08) TwelfthRootOfTwo: seed patents fields
(17:49:25) jcreedcmu: crap art obviates copyright law
(17:50:04) TwelfthRootOfTwo: order defeats chaos
(17:50:23) jcreedcmu: declensional system thwarts L2 education
(17:51:34) TwelfthRootOfTwo: oculists propagate peace
(17:51:51) jcreedcmu: professor invents hobbits
(17:52:25) TwelfthRootOfTwo: language defeats Russians
(17:53:05) jcreedcmu: Russian Winter defeats Leo McGarry
(17:54:19) TwelfthRootOfTwo: drunks run country
(17:54:34) jcreedcmu: Defectors drain Helium
(17:54:57) TwelfthRootOfTwo: H is not He
(17:55:02) jcreedcmu: I know
(17:55:09) jcreedcmu: I have lost the RoShamBo

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