Jason (jcreed) wrote,

"After Babel" continues to be a breathtakingly good read. Senspiriga, mi volas ĝuste diri: ne nur ke ĝi prenas de mi iom de mia spiro, sed ĉiom, lasante mi en pena (sed feliĉa) klopodo sekvi ĝian ideofluon. Quotes it quotes:

"Whenever I look again into Plotinus I feel always the old trembling fevered longing: it seems to me that I must be born for him, and that somehow someday I must have nobly translated him: my heart, untravelled, still to Plotinus turns and drags at each remove a lengthening chain."
- Stephen MacKenna, 5 December 1907 (who later did devote 13 years of his life to translating Plotinus's Enneades)

"Wer uebersetzt, der untersetzt."
- Matthias Claudius

(I understand this to be a pun on the German word uebersetzen "to translate". I suppose it means something like "Whoever translates, diminishes/reduces/puts down the original work")
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