Jason (jcreed) wrote,

It's weird being up this early.

I was dreaming about The Hulk being in court on some murder charges, sitting next to his lawyer, all big, green, in a suit, and full of anxiety and consternation. Hulk, I mean, not his lawyer.

And then I woke up to birdsong and too much sunlight coming in the window for me to fall asleep again. It was very abrupt. I suppose abrupt awakenings aren't that strange, but the snapping-open of my eyes reminded me of an event two summers ago, when I lived alone in an apartment in Fairfax. I was falling asleep, but I remained aware and lucid continuously from being awake, to a state of dreaming. There was a moment where my inner eye similarly snapped open to the dream-scene, when a mass of fictive sensory perceptions suddenly rushed at me, and I was in a room instead of just thinking about being in a room.

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