Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Hey Yishan, they're making you sound like the bad guys. Is there, as I suspect, another side to this story?

A scenario occurred to me talking to mrhappypizza last night about marriage legislation. Suppose Jane has a child, the father dies, and Jane's sister moves in to help raise little Madison (or whatever the fuck people are naming their kids these days). You have two people living in the same place, one of them works to cover costs for the whole group, one of them raises the kid. Not only are the two adults involved of the same sex, but they're siblings: marriage is a thoroughly inappropriate concept to apply. But the only behavioral difference between this situation and a marriage-with-child that I can see is they're not having sex. It doesn't seems so strange that they should get taxed/provided healthcare/whatever the same way, then. Isn't it the whole point of the government giving equal treatment to homosexual as heterosexual couples that the state shouldn't care what goes on in the proverbial bedroom?

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