Jason (jcreed) wrote,

The internet is great place for finding things, such as: (1) interesting people with radically different views from one's own (2) free online textbooks

I was reading Boingboing, reading this entry, and I noticed there was a link with text "Other blogs commenting on this post. I skimmed through the list of them, and one was titled In principio erat Verbum Ην αρχη ην ο Λογος, which was interesting to read. As to (1), he's apparently catholic and clearly quite the linguistic prescriptivist. There are some other entries floating around there that made me kind of squirm in my seat; you can find them yourselves, I imagine. (2) leads from a link from an entry with a latinization of the the word 'blog' to the homepage of this hotshot latinist guy (for all I know, it's how latin "is supposed" to be pronounced these days, but I couldn't stand listening to the recordings of him for more than a few seconds: it sounded to me like a horrible, jarring mush of american english 'r's and italian palatal soft 'c's) which pointed me to textkit, which looks pretty cool. Mmm, grammars.

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