Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Oh, shit. Not long after I turned on anonymous comments (since tom7 asked me to) someone responded to my bitching about abc-to-ps conversion, claiming to be the author of abc2ps. Yikes. I am still vulnerable to forgetting that there are actually real people on the other end of the internet, I guess. I would feel pretty annoyed if someone up and glibly insulted my code like I did his. Nonetheless, getting the same abc code to produce the same output in both abc2midi and some ps converter is extremely confusing, even as I look at the documentation again. Should I be setting the clef in the I:, the K:, or the V: field, or some combination of the three? Should I trust http://trillian.mit.edu/~jc/doc/abc/abcext.txt
or what? I finally found that doing V: clef=bass+16 seems to be work, but having to futz things up by two whole octaves makes me suspicious that I'm still doing something stupid.

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