Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I hate hate hate feeling sick. My stomach was better this morning but it's feeling worse again tonight.

Nearly all of my time today consumed again by this project. Lots of good optimization hacking, but there's still a major and mysterious outstanding bug: when trying to prove
P(a) ⇒ ¬P(f(f(a))) &rArr ¬¬(∃x. P(x) ∧ ¬P(f(x)))
it generates crazy proofterms that involve variables applied to themselves, which is clearly not right.

Had a quick dinner at some restaurant in oakland whose name I forget with tom and the pitt biology kids. It was an ok burger, little on the burnt side. Had to turn down a trip to the waterfront with martinivixen and this vanessa character I still haven't met, since I really needed to buckle down tonight on the project. A shame, but I'll be able to make up for it soon since summer effectively begins friday for me.

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