Jason (jcreed) wrote,

We were given a one-week extension on the theorem prover, since none of the three groups are really finished. Nonetheless, our group is really chugging along today: we're actually proving a handful of pure-propositional-fragment theorems correctly. The first-order stuff, not so good yet. Still it's a lot better than first thing this morning when label indices were getting confused with function arities.

Hot dogs at D's tonight. Looking forward to that.

I'm also almost done with Bryson's "Notes from a small island", which, though it has some stretches of meaningless bumbling around -- because, well, the whole book is basically him meaninglessly bumbling around england --- it has enough can't-help-but-laugh-embarrassingly-loudly moments of pure comedic gold to make up for it. In any event it's definitely among the best $2 purchases I've ever made.

I picked up a couple of books that ommkarja was giving away, thanks to dmv helpfully transporting them to wean: Kant's "Critique", and Coupland's "Generation X". The ol' books read to books owned ratio not doing so well lately.

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